Sunday, July 21, 2013

How to see Paypal selling pornography yourself

I've gotten several notes from people asking me to send them links that show where Payal is selling pornography, so here is a quick walk through.

This is a little technical, but should be easy to follow. If any of the steps fail or you have any issues please leave a comment and I'll help.

Because they seem to be running this pornography "test" in Europe you will need to use a proxy to see it.

Go to:
At the bottom of the page enter the url: and click "Go"

Next you will see a warning page asking you to confirm your age, click "Confirm 18"

On this next page you will see a link for "Join StrugglingBabes", click it

Next choose any of the offers on this page

And finally here you will see PayPal as one of options for buying access to this site

Below is the video proof. Here are links to 2 videos that show Paypal being used process payments for pornography. Unfortunately I don't have a way to censor them, so be forewarned they show some extreme stuff.

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